Do you experience worry, tension, or difficulty focusing? Examine your surroundings. Some people may feel overwhelmed by mess, clutter, or an untidy workspace. According to study, cleanliness (or a lack thereof) might really have an effect on your mental health. You’re actually not the only one who has ever had the need to suddenly deep clean your entire house or to suddenly get motivated and inspired to reorganize every cabinet or closet in your home. According to research, cleaning or not cleaning might truly affect your mental health, especially residential cleaning. 

Additionally, there hasn’t been a shortage of cleaning and decluttering experts preaching to us over the past several years about the value of maintaining a clean and organized house and after covid it has become a need. May you clean your house by yourself or even with the help of professional residential deep cleaning services make sure you have a tidy home. 

What exactly is it about a tidy, ordered house that individuals find so rewarding, therefore, given that?

Having a tidy and ordered house may give many individuals a sense of control. It could support them in their daily activities. They are familiar with all locations. Everything is simple to understand. This can make a person less anxious about their day. Additionally, having a nice environment to wake up in and return to at the end of the day may provide you peace of mind. If you work from home, then residential cleaning is especially important since it makes your workday feel efficient and well-organized.

Have you ever noticed that people love watching cleaning ASMR videos and they tend to watch them alot when they feel stressed or overwhelmed? 

What is ASMR? 

ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response: a term describing a tingling, static-like, or goosebumps sensation brought on by particular triggering auditory or visual inputs. According to others, these feelings may go down the back of the neck or across the head in addition to some people’s spine or limbs. Some people describe pleasant emotions of relaxation, tranquility, drowsiness, or well-being when they are exposed to ASMR experiences, especially a professional cleaning service video.

Here are some reasons why you should consider cleaning as one of your ways to destress yourself.

Some individuals find that doing yoga, getting a massage, or meditating when they are feeling worried or overwhelmed is good for their mental health, while others discover that dusting, cleaning the bathroom, or simply reorganizing their closet is just as healthy. In fact, for some people, even after a long day, just seeing a clean, orderly, and organized house may help them relax and de-stress.

  • Decluttering helps with attentiveness

Your surroundings can be the main cause of your inability to concentrate. Do you see any mounds of documents, unread mail, or a breakfast dish nearby? Your brain may feel overloaded and overwhelmed as a result of these unfinished chores and become hard to concentrate. So a healthy and clean resident can contribute in increasing your focus.

  • Doing house chores and resident cleaning generates endorphins

The good news is that the physical effort of cleaning may have the same physiological effects as exercise, which produces endorphins. Endorphins interact with brain receptors to provide a good bodily sensation that can help lower stress, ease anxiety, and prevent depression.

  • Have a good night sleep

People who make their beds every morning are up to 19% more likely to have a decent night’s sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Even better, 75% of people claimed to sleep better on newly cleaned bedding since they are cozier. Of course, getting a better night’s sleep has a significant positive impact on our energy levels and mental health. This is due to the fact that your brain prefers to remain calm and comfortable if it perceives a tidy and orderly environment.

  • Utilize smell to improve your mood

Sounds crazy, but the fragrances in your house have a big impact on how you feel. The use of essential oils in aromatherapy to lessen depressive and anxiety symptoms is evidence of this. Therefore, a musty-smelling room will undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on your mental health. However, using chemicals to clean your home might have a negative impact on your health. Choose a professional cleaning service that exclusively uses environmentally friendly cleaning techniques that are citrus or grapefruit scented since they have an energizing impact and will give you the boost you need without endangering your health.

  • A sense of accomplishment

Of all, the surge of endorphins we experience after doing a task we had all been putting off, like cleaning, can only help our mental health and lift our spirits.

So start cleaning, organize your files, throw out the junk, and clear your mind of clutter.

To Conclude: 

Sometimes, things won’t go according to plan, and you won’t be able to clean. However, don’t fret or worry about it. On the other hand, if you experience depression or another mental health problem and want a tidy and ordered house but lack the drive to make it happen:  We are here to support you and help you out. 

Select our top-notch green cleaning services for your residents. While we might not be able to assist you emotionally, the natural smells in our cleaning products will undoubtedly uplift and brighten your attitude. And, more importantly, we care about you, your health, and also the environment.

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